Top Skills Every Construction Project Manager Should Have

Written by Sarah Stukalin, AMAST Content

Managing a construction project is an important and involved job. Many factors go into making sure a construction project is run correctly, but with the right tools, any project manager can succeed. Here are the top skills that every construction project manager should have.


Project managers are meant to seek help from other workers within a project and to maintain a stable and supportive team. Delegating assignments will give you time to focus on staying on track and ensuring that all team members are working correctly and efficiently. Make sure you have the right people working for you, as well as the people who are best for a specific job that is suited to their skills.


Being an effective leader is an important quality in ensuring a construction project remains on track. A good leader communicates honestly, motivates, and builds team morale. It is important to be familiar with your team and know them on a personal level, this way, micromanagement is avoided. Leaders make tough decisions that are not suitable for just any member of the project to make.


Being a construction project manager means constant juggling of different responsibilities all at once. Maintaining organization will keep you on track, your mind clear, and your workers efficient. Many successful project managers use software to help maintain this routine and organization, ensuring that everything gets done.


Communication is essential when managing a construction project. The majority of the job includes talking to people, their team, clients, and vendors. It is important to maintain professionalism, as well as efficiency when communicating.

Risk Management

Working in construction presents a variety of risks that every project manager should be prepared for. While risks are not necessarily a bad thing, they need to be accounted for in terms of planning. This ranges from an unexpected change in the work or weather, to reaching goals sooner than anticipated.

Open to Feedback

It is important to recognize as a project manager that you are not perfect. Being receptive to constructive feedback can better your project, as well as improve your relationship with your workers and others around you. Being open to new ways of doing things is essential, as this can help the overall success of your project.


Paying close attention to what needs to get done is vital when it comes to managing a construction project. It is your responsibility to deem what needs to be completed first. Prioritizing certain tasks over others can exponentially move your project forward.

Goal Setting

This is similar to planning, but more focused on the long-term needs of the company or project. Goal setting allows you to mark milestones in project management, and your goals can be big or small. They can be anything as simple as hiring someone for a position or working to instill a plan to cut costs in the future.

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