The Power of the Mascot, Even for Construction Companies

3 min readSep 12, 2020

Yes,even for the construction industry, as AMAST construction marketplace now has its own.

Written by Soyica Lyles

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What image comes to mind when you hear Aflac? Mr. Clean or Tony the Tiger, Pillsbury Doughboy, Mickey Mouse and Jolly Green Giant? These are perhaps the most recognizable mascots that instantaneously trigger brand recognition. They are permanently cemented as recognizable brands without having to speak or write a single word.

From professional sports teams to medical institutions the power of the mascot has proven effective for many companies, small and large. Mascots are not just funny and colorful caricatures, but also builders of brand voice, personality and competitive advantage.

Mascots help build brand voice

Every brand has a voice, and often some voices resonate in consumers’ minds more than others. Mascots are often responsible for humanizing brands and creating the perception of living and breathing characters. How could you not appreciate the endearing qualities of Mr. Clean? He’s thoughtful, funny, reliable and loves to clean. Perhaps he also has good, clean friends.

Brand voice embodies the spirit of your company and is where emotional connections are forged. It is here where your company makes itself accessible and relatable.

Mascots add personality to your brand

A little personality goes a long way. You shouldn’t be afraid to give your construction company’s mascot the personality it needs. Keep in mind, your mascot’s personality will either draw customers closer or push them away. Particularly in construction where certain characteristics pose as deal makers or deal breakers, your mascot should speak to the traits that the best reputations are built on–professional, reliable, durable and trusted.

Along with brand voice, personality bridges emotional connection, meaningful engagement and the all-powerful, brand loyalty.

Photo by Maxime Lebrun on Unsplash

Mascots add competitive advantage

Mascots personify your brand, as it provides your target audience a face, eyes and a smile to feel connected. Since your mascot moves, breathes and laughs, he or she becomes a unique advantage for your brand as it builds trust, relatability and engagement with your audience.

Done correctly, these fictional representatives or spokespersons can often become forever ingrained in consumers’ hearts and minds. They’re the fixtures that connect and engage us emotionally to our favorite brands.

As we unconsciously recognize and recall brand names without logos or tag lines, we perhaps unknowingly hold true to the belief that there’s no Disney without Mickey, that Jolly Green valiantly watches over the crops and protects our farmers, and Aflac duck is always there and will carry us through any uncertainty.

AMAST, the new online construction materials marketplace, now has a new team member and spokesperson who goes by the name, AMASTcot.

AMAST, the Online Marketplace for Construction Materials — serving contractors, vendors, and management companies.
Photo by AMAST

AMASTcot supports vendors and contractors to make their purchasing and selling as easy as the click of a button!

Boaz Gilad is Founder and CEO of AMAST Group.

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