The Best Mobile Construction Apps

Written by Skylar Anderson, AMAST Content

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iNeoSyte provides an array of construction management tools. It is known for its personal cloud-based software, which allows users to store important documents safely and conveniently. Important records like site audits, field logs, inspections, site diaries and daily reports can all be exported into universal PDF files and shared with other professionals through email or other cloud-based systems. The service’s subscription is on a month-to-month basis, starting at $11, up to $65 for a more advanced plan. Personal customized pricing is also an available option.

DEWALT Mobile Pro

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Already an established and trusted name in the construction industry, the DEWALT Mobile Pro app is a helpful gadget that every industry professional should have downloaded on their mobile device. Calculations are crucial to get the job done right, but they can be time-consuming. Sometimes a normal calculator just doesn’t cut it. Enter DEWALT’s solution: a calculator designed specifically for construction professionals, that can be customized to fit any trade and the particular materials being used. The app is free to download, with the option to purchase add-ons that are trade-specific.


Currently, PlanGrid is one of the most popular construction software apps available in mobile stores. Backed by the industry’s biggest contractors, its resources are both trusted and reliable. The app itself is an all-in-one management workspace that supplies its users with the ability to store media, collaborate with team members, collect data related to projects, and utilize its BIM technology. If you’re looking for the whole package deal, then look no further. PlanGrid’s subscription works on either an annual or monthly basis. The annual plan is relatively cheaper. Costs are between $39 to $139 per month.


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Known for its responsive support team, Procore is the ultimate project management software app, with a heavy focus on customer relations. Procore provides all the resources you need in order to have an efficient, quick and faultless plan. Its accessories will support you in project, training, resource and financial management, along with pre-construction and analytics. You can also create custom bundles on the app, which allows you to pick and choose among the features you are most interested in. Procore offers annual subscription packages starting at $375 a month. While it is on the pricier side of these app options, Procore’s dedication to customer support and full-service software makes it worth the cost.

OSHA Heat Safety Tool

OSHA’s nifty app reminds workers about protective heat measures and other important safety information. The app showcases the heat index level of the worksite, indicating whether workers can encounter any risks while on the job. This useful tool is not only free to use but also available in both English and Spanish.


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Although WhatsApp isn’t catered towards construction professionals directly, its useful features make it a great tool nonetheless. The simple digital messaging platform is a great option if you are looking to improve communication within your teams. WhatsApp allows you to create both group chats between team members as well as individual chats. This enables you to send messages and photos without hassle, and within seconds. And the best part is — WhatsApp is completely free.

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